Add-a-Grill 40cm Frontier – Stainless Steel

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The ProQ Add-A-Grill is a great way to add space and versatility to your ProQ Smoker.

This set of 3 brackets simply slip behind the existing grill brackets and drop down into place, allowing you to add a second grill under the first to increase capacity.

The grill included in the ‘Add-A-Grill’ set is made from the same high quality stainless as the grills included in your smoker, and the brackets are also stainless steel for durability and rust resistance.

  • Add another entire cooking grill to your stacker, perfect for wings, ribs, thighs, sausages and even cold smoking
  • Entirely made from stainless steel our ‘Add-A-Grill’ brackets allow you to expand the cooking capacity of your ProQ Smoker
  • Available in 3 sizes to fit all models of our BBQ Smokers


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